Choosing Between Sliding Windows and Single or Double Hung Windows

Milgard sliding windows

Choosing the right windows for your home ultimately comes down to personal preference. When you’re trying to decide between a sliding window and a traditional hung window, you might want to consider how you’re going to use the window, where it is located, and the size of the window opening.

Sliding Windows

Much like a sliding glass door a sliding window opens side to side rather than up and down. They offer two primary benefits, first they can increase ventilation in an area because you can slide each sash open slightly for airflow. The other major benefit is that they offer a more open view so if having a window that opens and enjoying a view is what you’re looking for, consider a slider. If you’re hanging a window in an area that is hard to reach, like over the kitchen sink, a sliding window will be easier to operate.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows open only from the bottom up where a double hung can open from the bottom up or the top down. Different brands have different price points but in general, single hung windows are the least expensive option of all windows that open. The drawback of either of these window type is the obstructed view in the middle of the window to allow for the windows to open.

Cleaning Your Windows

If clean windows are important to you and you want the easiest window for cleaning, you may want to consider double hung windows. Double hung windows are easier to clean than sliding windows because both panes tilt in. Cleaning a sliding window depends up on the manufacturer. Some offer sashes that lift out so you can clean the outside by actually removing the windowpane. Others can only be washed from the outside. The bottom pane of a single hung window often tilts in for easy cleaning but the top pane has to be cleaned from the outside.

Of course, your budget and personal preference will ultimately determine your window choice. If you’d like help choosing the right replacement windows for your home the staff at Affordable Replacement Window Systems can help. We offer windows of many styles from quality manufacturers like NT Windows and Milgard. Call (817) 264-6509 to schedule your appointment today.

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