Benefits of Replacing Windows and Siding Together

windows and siding replacementIf your home is aging and you know you need to eventually replace the , you might want to consider replacing them both at the same time. There are three main benefits to replacing windows and siding together.

1.      Better Appearance

When you plan your new windows and siding at the same time, you can better coordinate the look you’re going for. Adding new windows against cracked, peeling, or dented siding won’t give your home the boost in curb appeal you’re hoping for because the only thing people will see is the old siding. Another benefit that you’ll see for years to come when you purchase products that are the same color they’ll begin aging at the same time and likely fade the same.

2.      Better Installation

Although skilled window replacement installers know how to properly install a window around existing siding, it’s easier to get a tighter seal when the siding is removed. The moisture barrier that goes around the window frame often requires removing the siding around the window temporarily. Once the new window is installed, the siding can be put back. When you replace them both at the same time, your old siding comes off and the window gets installed and then your new siding gets installed.

3.      One Contractor

One of the biggest benefits homeowners see when they hire one contractor to install their new windows and siding is that they only need to deal with one company. That contractor can offer products that they know coordinate well together because they’ve seen and installed them together many times. You don’t have to deal with coordinating two different companies and you don’t have to research two companies to work on your home.

When you choose Affordable Replacement Window Systems to replace your windows and siding together, you’ll love the new look of your home. Our products come from quality manufacturers like NT Windows and James Hardie Siding. We’re trained by the manufacturer whose products we install so that not only will your home look better but you can be assured that the new windows and siding protect your home for years to come. Call (817) 264-6509 or fill out our easy to use contact form for your free window and siding replacement estimates.

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