Door and Window Maintenance for Energy Savings

window maintenanceAlthough we’re fortunate that we don’t have the cold and snowy winter most of the country has, we still hate to see those winter heating bills. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to save some money this winter and have a more comfortable home, it’s time for some door and window maintenance. Some caulk, weather stripping and a few hours one Saturday can save you over the coming year.

Window Caulk

Every window has caulk on the inside and outside. The caulk is the finishing seal on your windows. Over time caulk deteriorates and becomes less effective. If you’ve never inspected your caulk, it’s time to do it and add it to your annual home maintenance list.

Caulk should not be cracked or broken. It should fill the edge of your windows in a continuous bead around each one. If it’s cracked, broken, split, or showing other signs it’s time to be replaced, take the time to do it. Remove any existing caulk before installing your new caulk. Make sure you have the right tools before you get started on this window maintenance task. There are many great videos on YouTube, and WikiHow and eHow both have good tips.

Weather Stripping

Just like caulk helps your windows be as energy efficient as possible, your weather stripping helps seal your doors. Weather stripping wears out over time. Depending on how often your door is opened and closed and if it is in direct sunlight, the time between replacing weather stripping can be as short as about three years and as long as ten.

The easiest weather stripping to install is the self-adhesive type. You simply remove your old, clean the door frame, and remove the sticker backing and install the new. Some homeowners prefer the nail in style because it tends to last longer as adhesive backing wears out and tends to pull away from the door frame. They both work the same way as long as you get the right length for your door opening.

Some older windows have weather stripping too. If yours do, be sure to replace it if it is worn out. If you find that replacing your weather stripping and caulking windows doesn’t help you home feel more comfortable, it may be time for new windows or doors. Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers several lines of new doors and windows for your home. If you want a free estimate, call (817) 264-6509 to schedule your in-home estimate today.

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