New Windows Improve More than Just Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

custom replacement windowsOften the only benefit you hear from a window company is about how new windows will increase your home’s energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR® windows will save you money on your heating and cooling each month, but there are many other ways new windows improve your home. As a window company who will never tell you that you’ll recoup your investment with custom replacement windows, we will tell you about some of the other benefits that may contribute to savings over time.

Airtight Installation

Custom replacement windows are different than windows you find at a big box store. Your window company will measure each individual opening for the perfect custom replacement window for each opening. That way when the window arrives, it will fit as it should, without gaps and without being too tight. This will make your home more comfortable with fewer drafts.

Reduced Maintenance

One reason many homeowners choose custom replacement windows is because they’re tired of the maintenance on their current windows. Old wood windows require scraping and painting every few years. Once they begin to age, they may crack or start to rot, requiring wood fillers and sanding. Cleaning double pane windows also takes less work as both panes tilt in for easy cleaning.

Low-E Glass

The new custom replacement windows you’re choosing will have Low-E glass. As we pointed out in a previous blog, this glass has many benefits over standard window glass. Not only will it further reduce your energy usage, it will help prevent fading of carpets and furniture.

Custom Means Custom

Your custom replacement windows can have the window grid you want. They can also be the color you want and have the style hardware you want. The windows in your home may not be the style you would have chosen so now you can get exactly what you want.

No matter what style window you’re looking for or color, Affordable Replacement Window Systems can help. We offer windows from several manufacturers at affordable prices. It’s time to learn about all the benefits of custom replacement windows for your home so call us today at [company-phone].

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