A New Entry Door Brings Benefits

A New Entry Door Brings Benefits

There are many things we want for our home that seem like they’re just ways to make it look nicer. A new entry door, however, has many benefits including increased curb appeal. In fact, replacing any of the doors in your home brings many of the same benefits.

Benefit #1 – Security

If you go to your front door and can push on it and feel it give without much effort, your front door may not protect you from a break in. A new entry door of almost any material can better protect your home and family, not only from a burglary, but also from a hurricane or tornado. The more secure your entry door, the better protected your family will be.

Benefit #2 – Comfort

Although summer has just ended and our winters are relatively mild, your doors do a lot to keep the weather out. Think back to the last hot day we had. When you walked by your entry door did you feel the heat? What about when you put your hand on the door, was it warm? Although sometimes the cause of the heat or cold getting in is easily solved with new weather stripping, that’s not always the case. Sometimes doors installed by builders are cheap and don’t have any insulative value and a warm door on hot days or a cool one on cold days is a sign yours isn’t. Consider a better made entry door (or patio door if yours are older) for increased R-value.

Benefit #3 – Looks

Yes, curb appeal matters. You want to take pride in how your home looks. If you just put up your Christmas decorations and realized that your wreath brings attention to a not so great looking door, put a new entry door on your list to Santa or give Affordable Replacement Window Systems a call. We’re local and work with several manufacturers to find you just the right doors and windows for your home. We keep our prices fair and offer financing to make this home improvement a realistic one for you.

New entry doors come in many materials with the most popular being wood and fiberglass. Both can be painted to coordinate with your exterior. A new entry door is one of the least expensive home improvements, and it provides a good return on investment compared to other home improvements. If you’re ready to learn more about replacement doors and windows for your home, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems today at (817) 264-6509.

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