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Three Fiber Cement Siding Myths

facts about fiber cement sidingAs you begin the process of choosing the right new siding for your home, you want to know the facts about each type. Although there are benefits and drawbacks of every siding product, today we wanted to dispel some common myths about fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding comes in many brands, but, we’re going to  focus on James Hardie siding, sometimes referred to as Hardie board.

Myth 1 – Fiber Cement Siding is Dangerous

This is open to interpretation but we’re going to call this a myth. There was a time when fiber cement siding had a small amount of asbestos but that is no longer true. In fact, one of the reasons this type of siding was created was to have a safer product than the older asbestos siding products many homes had.

Myth 2 – You Never Have Maintenance with Fiber Cement Siding

Although we wish this were true, there’s simply no such thing as a maintenance free siding product. You can say it has less maintenance that most other siding products. For example, it doesn’t allow mold or mildew to grow as quickly or easily as vinyl siding. You won’t have to paint it as often as wood siding which typically requires re-painting about every 5-7 years. James Hardie pre-painted siding, which has the finish color baked in, is warrantied for 15 years against peeling and chipping. Like anything left in the relentless Texas sun, it’s going to fade.

Myth 3 – This is the Last Siding You’ll Ever Need on Your Home

Likely your siding will be there when you sell your home but no matter what siding product you choose, it won’t last forever. James Hardie siding products are extremely durable and are, in fact, warranted for 50 years. That is considerably longer than most other siding products. The reason it lasts so much longer than other siding products is that that it can’t be damaged by hail, stands up to strong winds, is impervious to pests, and is fire resistant. This makes it a long lasting siding product.

Overall, we believe you’ll find that fiber cement siding, specifically James Hardie products, are the best choice for your home’s exterior. When you’re ready to learn more about James Hardie fiber cement siding and how it might be right for your home, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems at (817) 264-6509. We’re an authorized James Hardie installer and are ready to help you today.

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