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Looks Can be Deceiving – The Differences Between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Although there are similarities between these two popular styles of windows, there are many difference too. The biggest similarity is alluded to in the title of today’s blog, the fact that single hung and double hung windows look the same. That is about where the similarities end.

single hung windowSingle Hung Window

These are a popular replacement window option because they look great, are easy to operate, and are among the more reasonably priced replacement windows. A single hung window is defined by the fact that just the bottom window raises and lowers. Often times that same sash or pane will tilt in for easy cleaning. The drawback of a single hung window is in cleaning the top sash and the slightly reduced ventilation since only one sash moves.

Most manufacturers have many different options for their single hung windows, some of which are the same as their double hung. The color options, grid pattern, locks, and gas fills are often available in all a manufacturer’s line.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows give you the ability to move both sashes up and down and tilt both in for easy cleaning. Because you can open both sashes partially you may have better airflow in a room that has only one wall of windows. The major drawback is the increased price. The initial cost averages about 18% more for identically outfitted double hung windows over their single hung twin.

Which Should You Choose

Choosing the right style window for your home comes down to budget and personal preference. One recommendation is if you have large window treatments like blinds and curtains and feel that you will rarely lower the top sash, it might be best to save your money and go with single hung. If you’re in a townhouse or condo and you won’t be able to clean the top sash because you can’t reach it from the standing on the ground, double hung windows offer the convenience of both sashes tilting in for easy cleaning from inside your home.

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